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  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/100 sec
  3. 3.81mm
  4. ISO 125

baze.djunkiii meets WurzelPeter

Seen and captured on August 17th, 2015 @ Flora-Neumann-Strasse in Hamburg. Slightly re-edited by baze.djunkiii.

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#baze.djunkiii  #karoviertel  #scrt_brln  #secret  #wurzelpeter

  1. f/2.4
  2. 1/306 sec
  3. 4.12mm
  4. ISO 50

Plutonium Pogo meets WurzelPeter in Kiel

These Plutonium Pogo mini tour stickers are a pretty astounding phenomenon as they never seem to disappear from the streets of Kiel albeit the tour took place several years ago. Captured at Fleethörn / Kiel on February 22nd, 2015 by Marla.

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#audiolith  #dadajugend polyform  #krink  #plutonium pogo  #wurzelpeter