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  1. f/2.65
  2. 1/13 sec
  3. 4.6mm
  4. ISO 1600

Raven Gegen Dienstag Promotional Sticker Rockin' A Wrecked Netbook

Captured and sent in by Benjamin Walter on April 28th, 2014

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#meaniebar  #raven gegen dienstag  #sylt

  1. f/3.5
  2. 1/60 sec
  3. 24mm
  4. ISO 400

Raven Gegen Dienstag promotional sticker @ Komplex / Schwerin

Captured and edited in February 2010 by Sven Lewerenz

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#meaniebar  #raven gegen dienstag

Plutonium Pogo meets Raven Gegen Dienstag

Rockin' a danger zone next to a street named Primelweg in an unnamed city in Germany. Captured in June, 2009 by Saskia

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#audiolith  #meaniebar  #plutonium pogo  #raven gegen dienstag

  1. f/4.5
  2. 1/60 sec
  3. 33mm
  4. ISO 400

Poster-busting: Raven Gegen Dienstag meets Audiolith Fest

Representing @ the walls of Komplex Club, Schwerin / Germany in February, 2010. Found, captured and edited by Sven Lewerenz

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#audiolith  #meaniebar  #raven gegen dienstag  #schwerin  #undercover advertising

Raven Gegen Dienstag

6000 of these promotional "Raven Gegen Dienstag" stickers were spread all over the place to announce baze.djunkiii's mondays residency @ Meaniebar / Hamburg. This one was found and captured in a telephone booth by Saskia in June 2009.

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#meaniebar  #raven gegen dienstag

Double Feature

This uncredited web find is a rare double feature. Whilst the "baze.djunkiii Is Not Afraid Of Swine" sticker is to be found at the down right corner here, a pretty much worn out "Raven Gegen Dienstag" sticker is seen at the down left corner, promoting baze.djunkiii's former monday night residency at Meaniebar / Hamburg.

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#baze.djunkiii is not afraid of swine  #hamburg  #meaniebar  #raven gegen dienstag