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  1. f/2.4
  2. 1/188 sec
  3. 4.12mm
  4. ISO 50

Plutonium Pogo Still Representing in Kiel

It's astounding how many Plutonium Pogo mini tour stickers are still around more than five years after the tour actually taking place. This one was seen and captured @ Lorentzendamm / Kiel by Marla on June 5th, 2014

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Web Find: Streetart Daily @ Simon-Von-Utrecht Strasse / Hamburg

Loads of things re going on in this picture captured by Pilot PIRX ca. April 2015. Apart from the infamous Streetart Daily sticker sitting on the upper left side of the door located in Hamburg's famous redlight district St. Pauli we'll find sticker by the Hamburg based clubs MOJO and MOLOTOW, the mighty angry robot, stickers and a paste up by KARTOFFELTIERCHEN, tags by SHITE and UWE and many more. Original pic: http://c4.staticflickr.com/8/7704/17335632505_788f67c732_b.jpg

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#mojo  #mojo club  #molotow  #shite  #streetart daily  #uwe  #www.streetartdaily.com

Blog Feature: Meaniebar promotional sticker on postbox II

A closer look on the same postbox again, located in the heart of Hamburg's Schanzenviertel where Neuer Pferdemarkt and Schanzenstrasse meet. We also see graffiti stickers by HUND, SPY and SHEL as promotional sticker for Hamburg's local radio FSK, the Motorbooty parties taking place at the legendary Molotow club and a promo sticker for the bar BP1. Captured in December 2008 and originally found at the Irrenanstalten.de streetart blog. Check: http://www.irrenanstalten.de/streetart/2008/hamburg/35/target42.html

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