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  1. f/2.4
  2. 1/448 sec
  3. 4.12mm
  4. ISO 50

Faded Plutonium Pogo Mini Tour Sticker @ Spielbudenplatz / Hamburg

Five years after the Plutonium Pogo-Tour took place back in 2009 this brave sticker is still standing strong at the heart of Hamburg St. Pauli. Captured by Marla on June 9th, 2014

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#audiolith  #dadajugend polyform  #mailand  #plutonium pogo  #spielbudenplatz  #st. pauli

  1. f/2.4
  2. 1/1453 sec
  3. 4.28mm
  4. ISO 50

baze.djunkiii representing @ Aeroporto Di Milano, Italy

This beautiful artsy and retrofuturist black and white picture was captured at Milan Airport on June 20th, 2014 by The Crystal Apes

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#airport  #art  #mailand  #milan