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Blog feature: Meaniebar promo sticker on downpipe

Sitting next to some sweet streetart pieces on a downpipe somewhere in Hamburg's St. Pauli district this sticker was promoting baze.djunkiii's weekly sets @ Meaniebar / Hamburg. Captured in August, 2008 by the Irrenanstalten streetart blog. Check: http://www.irrenanstalten.de/streetart/2008/hamburg/24/target47.html

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Blog Feature: Meaniebar promotional sticker on postbox

The notorious black promotional sticker for baze.djunkiii's former monday night residency at Meaniebar is to be seen on the top left corner of this sticker covered postbox in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel. Captured in December 2008 by the blog Irrenanstalten.de and originally featured at http://www.irrenanstalten.de/streetart/2008/hamburg/35/target41.html

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A Fragmentary Glimpse Of A nitestylez.de Promotional Sticker...

...is to be seen on the very left of this picture taken in Hamburg Altona somewhen in November 2008 by those running the now seemingly defunct streetart blog Irrenanstalten.de which clearly had the TONA sticker to be found on this mobile traffic sign in mind and focus. Original pic found @ http://www.irrenanstalten.de/streetart/2008/hamburg/33/target142.html

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