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  1. f/3.8
  2. 1/149 sec
  3. 14mm
  4. ISO 80

Blog Feature: baze.djunkiii Is Not Afraid Of Swine

Taken from the blog Mitternachtshacking which featured this picture in September, 2010. Original post to be found here http://www.mitternachtshacking.de/blog/1363-hamburger-sticker

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#baze.djunkiii is not afraid of swine  #germany  #hamburg

  1. f/2.8

Your Kids <3 My Bass

This "Your Kids <3 My Bass" sticker promotes baze.djunkiii's soundcloud in the German capital Berlin. Captured by Hanna Dohmeyer on March 30th, 2012

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#berlin  #germany  #your kids love my bass