Sticker Love And World Domination

Those who've been following baze.djunkiii throughout the past years will recognize this phrase from an ongoing series of blog posts that used to be spread via . These posts regularly featured pictures of baze.djunkiii's stickers stickposted and captured by people all over the place - from his hometown Hamburg all over Germany and in faraway countries like Italy, the United States or even Vietnam.

Sticker Love And World Domination was set up to collect all these pictures and to build a proper archive and map of all these places in which baze.djunkiii's stickers were or still are to be found.

baze.djunkiii likes to thank all friends, fans and followers that have been sending in pictures and / or helped to spread them stickers all over the globe. Big up yourself for continuous supprt.

Special shouts and much props go out to the people below whose photos are featured on this website, all listed in alphabetical order:

- [aniYo kore], Germany
- Anastasia Tkachik, Ukraine
- Anna Wullenweber, Hamburg / Germany
- Aria Sardi, Athens / Greece
- Benjamin Walter, Westerland, Sylt / Germany
- Betty Bombshell, New York / USA
- Birdy, Germany
- Christian Dudek, Fort Portal / Uganda
- Christian Gresser of Mitternachtshacking, Freising / Germany
- Erick Medeiros, New Bedford, MA / USA
- Eva Perner, Vienna / Austria
- Hanna Dohmeyer, Hamburg / Germany
- Harriet Dohmeyer, Hamburg / Germany
-, Germany
- Jeff Shipman, Atlanta, GA / USA
- Jens K., Cologne / Germany
- Julia of It's The Little Things, Munich / Germany
- Lennard, Kiel / Germany
- Maren Heuvels, Hamburg / Germany
- Marla, Hamburg / Germany
- Michael Schanze / Instagram
- Nico, Westerland, Sylt / Germany
- Nicola Tenani of Sounds Behind The Corner, Bologna / Italy
- Nici, Germany
- Owain Kimber of Innate, Cardiff / UK
- Phil, Westerland, Sylt / Germany
- PILOT PIRX, Flickr
- Ribanna, Langeoog / Germany
- Ruediger Beckmann of Pixelwelten, Hamburg / Germany
- Saskia, Germany
- Suse, Berlin / Germany
- Sven Lewerenz, Schwerin / Germany
- The Crystal Apes, Hamburg / Germany
- Thomas Wiedemann of Minor Label, Leipzig / Germany
- Turgut Kocer of Shhhh Records & Voluntary Whores, Mettmann / Germany
- Uwe, Hamburg / Germany
- Wolf Kemker of Kompaktkiste, Wennigsen / Germany
- Xenia, Hamburg / Germany
- Xotox, Paderborn / Germany

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