baze.djunkiii rockin' Bahrenfeld

A little crumpled but still standing strong. A first generation baze.djunkiii sticker designed by Timo Weiner / Soundlook, captured @ Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg / Hamburg on March 30th, 2017

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baze.djunkiii Is Not Afraid Of Swine @ Mandalay / Hamburg

Still representing in the DJ booth of Hamburg's Mandalay club. Captured on March 11th, 2k17.

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#baze.djunkiii is not afraid of swine

baze.djunkiii representing in Hamburg-Altona

Youtube promo sticker seen and captured at Bodenstedtstrasse / Hamburg on February 22nd, 2k17

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#baze.djunkiii  #youtube

This Is How It All Began

Designed by Timo Weiner / Soundlook this promotional sticker for baze.djunkiii's monday night sets at Hamburg's Meaniebar was the starting point for baze.djunkiii's journey into the world of sticker culture. Despite these sessions are long time defunct and the stickers haven't been spread for more than eight years now they're still present in Hamburg. This one has been spotted at Grosse Freiheit / Hamburg on February 11th, 2k17.

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Streetart Daily representing...

... on a traffic sign @ Ferdinandstrasse in the inner city of Hamburg / Germany. Captured on January 9th, 2k17.

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Still Reppin' After All These Years

A little scratched and crossed by a sticker by Die Partei this sticker seen at Talstrasse / Hamburg on January 4th, 2k17 still promotes a BETA-ZERFALL party set up by baze.djunkiii and Herr Brandt at the famous Gruenspan club in July, 2011.

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#beta-zerfall Behind Bars

Still representing @ urban railway station Sternschanze in Hamburg / Germany after all these years. Spotted on December 28th, 2k16.

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baze.djunkiii representing @ Lagerstrasse / Hamburg

Sent in via Instagram by Michael Schanze on December 18th, 2k16.

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Follow Me... @ Oase / Westerland

baze.djunkiii's twitter promo sticker on a sign - beneath the owl - somewhat close to the famous Oase Zur Sonne area in Westerland / Sylt. Seen and captured by Nico on February 05th, 2015.

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Unterwegs mit baze.djunkiii

Sweet infographic / ad busting happening @ a NOB wagon captured by Nico on March 12th, 2015. Kudos to whomever put this sticker there!

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