Still Reppin' After All These Years

A little scratched and crossed by a sticker by Die Partei this sticker seen at Talstrasse / Hamburg on January 4th, 2k17 still promotes a BETA-ZERFALL party set up by baze.djunkiii and Herr Brandt at the famous Gruenspan club in July, 2011.

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BETA-ZERFALL meets Mirko Machine @ Schanze / Hamburg

Nearly 4 years after the original event took place at Hamburg's long-running Gruenspan venue this BETA-ZERFALL sticker is still standing strong at Amandastrasse in the Schanzenviertel district, next to a sticker promoting HipHop veteran Mirko Machine and a funny streetart rabbit. Captured on May 7th, 2015

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BETA-ZERFALL Promotional Sticker In Baltimore

BETA-ZERFALL was a series of parties baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt set up in Kiel & Hamburg, Germany. This sticker announcing a party at a Hamburg-based venue named Grünspan was found and captured by Betty Bombshell in June 2011 somewhere in Baltimore, Maryland / USA.

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